Where Can I Get The Charlotte’s Web Strain?

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

charlotte's web strain of marijuana



Charlotte’s Web is a high cannabidiol (CBD) low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Cannabis extract marketed as a dietary supplement under federal law of the United States and medical cannabis under state laws. It is produced by the Stanley brothers in Colorado,
This particular strain is named after Charlotte, a girl who began to have seizures when she was only 3 months old. For the next two years, her seizures continued to get worse and worse without a diagnosis as to why. Eventually, It wasn’t until she reached the age of 2 and a half that she was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome. After trying different medications and treatments Charlotte continued to decline for the next three years eventually, at the age of five, lost the ability to walk, talk and eat.


Charlotte’s dosage of the strained named after her changed everything. Charlotte gets a dose of the cannabis oil twice a day in her food. At age six she is thriving. Her seizure has decreased to only a few times a month, mostly while asleep. She can walk, ride a bike and even feed herself.


The Stanely Brothers (Joel, Jesse, Jon, Jordan, Jared and Josh) were one of the largest Colorado-based growers of marijuana. Through a series of crossbreeding they had developed a strain of weed that was had low THC, the chemical mostly associated with weed, and hi CBD, a chemical that slows down the electrical signals in the body.

When they first created the strain they didn’t know what to do with it. They couldn’t sell and nobody wanted to buy it. When they were approached by Charlotte’s mother, Paige Figi, they hesitated at first due to charlotte’s age. Only after meeting the young girl did they decide they should help her any way they could. After Charlotte’s amazing recovery, the brothers named the strain after her and started their own non-profit, Realm of caring Foundation. providing cannabis to adults and children suffering from epilepsy, cancer, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.


CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, the cannabinoid second only to THC when it comes to average volume. Recently, research has shown CBD to have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety properties without the psychoactive effects. A strain with a high CBD and low THC usually does not offer the psychoactive effect typically associated with getting “high” or “stoned”.


La Cannaisseur is proud to be one of the few dispensaries to grow and distribute Charlotte’s web strain—we even deliver! La Cannaisseur is now OLCC licensed for recreational marijuana deliveries! We can deliver your favorite flower, extract, or edible straight to your door! For all deliveries, there is a $50 minimum order with plus 0.50 cents per mile. Customers must be 21 years of age with a valid I.D. and all deliveries must be made to a home or an apartment unit within the Portland area.*

Click to see KGW’s article featuring La Cannaisseur home marijuana delivery

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