Weed Delivery Etiquette In The Post Prohibition Era

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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What a delightful world we live in. The breeze still blows, the evergreens are still lush, there are still fragments of coral reefs (catch ’em while you can) and, hooray, marijuana is legal for recreational consumption in the state of Oregon.

This new era of Cascadian free smoking comes with its share of normalization, regulation, and cultural courtesy. Gone are the days of shady, car to car parking lot dealings, or the obligatory extra-long hang session with your blitzed-out dealer. Now, purchasing your weed is as easy as grocery shopping, and infinitely more fun.

Services like weed delivery have also been reimagined for this new, mellowed out landscape. Only a few years ago, inviting your dealer into your home came with a certain set of niceties – not to mention the weeks or even months long process of developing a relationship with a new dealer. It’s a big deal to invite someone into your home, regardless of what they are or are not shilling.

Fretting over such pre-legalization etiquette quandaries such as, “do you offer them a beer?” (yes, if you’re interested in also sharing the weed they are about to sell you), “should you straighten up a bit?” (well, company is company depending on how you were raised) or how to deal with being shorted or feeling slightly (or not so slightly) ripped off are all now thankfully void.

Nowadays, you can order a blissfully consistent bag of weed, have it delivered to you in short order, and think nothing more of your etiquette than you would for the Uber Eats driver who dropped of your chow fun three hours ago. That is to say, just make sure you tip and are wearing pants.

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