The 3 Best Strains For A Friends Night In

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Monday, December 4, 2017

La Cannaisseur_The 3 Best Strains For Girls Night In

Whether it’s spent power watching Netflix dramas or applying 24k gold face masks (or most likely, both), when you’re planning a night at home with your squad, you should always have a few grams of choice marijuana to share. Bonding over Instagram drama, fabulous shoes, and LaCroix is so much more fun when you plan the night with these three strains:

Orange Crush

Start the night with Orange Crush, an uplifting sativa that leaves smokers feeling pleasantly social. This is what you smoke when everyone is already feeling fired up for the night ahead but not quite ready to attack a mountain of snacks. Pair this with a peppy cocktail like a bellini or mimosa.

Gorilla Glue

Follow that up with a pre-roll of Gorilla Glue, a Northwest favorite known for its relaxing buzz and piney aroma. GG is a great way to settle into a few episodes of What Not To Wear, or an ease into a long sit in a jacuzzi. Pair this with a light beer, like a pilsner or a pale ale.

Fire OG

Round out your epic evening of friendship and camaraderie with a few hits of Fire OG, the most powerful of the OG strains. Pair this with a mug of warm cocoa or spiced cider, and get everyone snug in their respective couch corners, pillow forts, or sleeping bags and pat yourself on the back for planning another legendary night in.

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