Stoner Tales Part I

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Monday, November 13, 2017

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Everyone has their own hilarious stoner stories, these, in particular, are pulled from the subReddit /r/trees and the rollitup message boards and are about as relatable as weed stories get. Take a hit and have a laugh with a few of these stoner tales.

From user genius96:

“It was the Season 4 Game of Thrones premiere and I wanted to toke up before I started watching. I go for a walk towards a cemetery and begin smoking. I get high and begin walking in circles (like a dog chasing its tail). After what seems like 3 hours I get so pissed and start crying because I missed the premiere. I check my phone and it has only been 3 minutes. I look and find myself at the center of the cemetery and calmly finish my joint and walk home.” (ed note: Spoiler, the season 4 GOT premiere was hardly worth crying over)

From user 40acres:

“I once pulled over for what I thought was a mandatory checkpoint stop, sat there for 20 minutes wondering why no one seemed interested in me. The cops were looking at me like I was stupid. Turns out, the gas station that I was sitting in front of had a gas leak or break in or something.” (ed note: To the cops, they were a legendary rubbernecker)

From user Supgee3:

“One day I was super baked by myself…. getting ready to leave to walk towards the mall. I put my shirt on, I put my sweater on… I put my shoes on… and I open the apartment door.

I’m walking down the hallway almost outside when I realized, WORD!!! I WAS IN MY UNDERWEAR!!!!

I laughed hysterically to myself, thanking God that I didn’t actually get outside… just down the apartment hallway.” (ed note: every stoner’s nightmare come true)

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