Sexy Strains To Get You In The Mood

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Friday, September 8, 2017

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Weed is for adult consumption, and as such, there are of course adult activities that can be enhanced with the consumption of weed. Hiking, kayaking, biking, and playing video games are all going to be more fun if you’re blazed, but there is one adult specific activity that really benefits from a little pre gaming — sex!

That’s right, we’re talking ’bout sex y’all! Weed is the best for lowering your inhibitions without all the sloppy, memory erasure of booze, and for that reason, it’s an awesome way to start your sex sesh. Here are favorite strains for feeling sexy and getting sensual.

Haze — This sativa is great for opening minds (and legs – consensually!). It’s warm, bright body high will have you savoring each other all night long. Pillow talk may vary, but it will be mellow.

Ugani — This hybrid will get your mind ready for sexual liberation and your body ready for sensual deliverance. Ugani’s hazy head high and dynamic body high makes it a perfect candidate for pre-sex smoking

Purple Cherry Wine — This low THC, high CBD strain is perfect if you want all the inhibition lowering, body energizing and anxiety annihilating perks of weed, but you don’t particularly like being extremely stoned.

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