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Best pricing ever. For the quality

FiremanJohn here. To be my followers I have returned to this dispensary for another try. I have been 7 states and hundreds of dispensary. I found this dispensary to be one of the most affordable pricing for the quality of medicine you receive. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable of the types of medicine they carry and the type of response and relief you can expect. By know means is this the largest or fanciest dispensary I have been in over my many travels.

FiremanJohn1 via Weedmaps April 11, 2017


GREAT SHOP. Lots of variety to choose from. I love this place for the excellent quality and low prices. The staff is very knowledgeable. They take the time to make sure you get what works best for your needs. A very pleasant and successful shopping trip. The staff was so helpful. Great atmosphere and very inviting. I have also tried their “DELIVERY SERVICE”. WOW. Fast, efficient, low prices, quality and a wonderful pleasant delivery person. I highly recommend La Cannaisseur.

Sissyc via Weedmaps February 5, 2017

Such fast service.

Just got my first DELIVERY. I am in NE Portland. Such fast service. Loved my product. . Primo Stout (great quality). . . prices are great. Delivery person was top notch and pleasant. I have been to the shop and just loved it! The people there are knowledgeable and so helpful. I loved all the different varieties. So many! I also found the prices to be so much lower than all the other places I have tried. The quality of the products are the best and another reason I have made this my go to shop. You can drive to the location with speed and ease. . 7 minutes from downtown Portland. . 18 minutes from my place in NE. One half block off of highway. . SO easy to find. This has become my ONLY go to shop for med’s or recreational. It is an easy drive out. I recommend this shop to anyone looking for knowledgeable people, variety and quality in product and the BEST prices. And best of all. . DELIVERY. . too THANKS

Sissyc vis Leafly February 1, 2017

I would recommend this place

I came in a few weeks ago with very specific needs in my medical marijuana, which the staff were very helpful in meeting. I learned about CBD marijuana, which some strains like Harlequin have many times more of than they have THC. I’m pretty sensitive to THC, so I tried Harlequin and I am very happy with the results! I would recommend this place to anyone interested.

Grahame Bywater via Google August 11, 2016


I love this shop it’s the only one I go to now, the employees are so helpful and knowledgeable and will take their time with you to figure out what strand or flower may work best for your needs or ailments! Great atmosphere and very inviting. If you are on a budget or only have a certain amount of money to spend and you want to try a couple strands they will make it happen! Parking can be a little difficult at times but not bad especially since it’s a hidden gem right off the highway. And don’t forget about the Early bird and night owl $1 pre-rolls can’t beat that!

MLB263 via Weedmaps June 24, 2016

Great staff, selection and atmosphere

Something for every budget. $1 pre-rolled joints the first and last 2 hours they’re open! (9am-11am & 7pm-9pm)

Definetly the cutest shop i’ve been in and you don’t feel like your committing a crime when visiting!

Portland_Rose via Weedmaps June 2, 2016

Love this place

This place is the best in staff, knowledge, products and deals! Love this place 🍁🌬😜

Leslie Jones via Google April 11, 2016

Her staff is just as amazing

The owner is friendly and really knows her stuff. Her staff is just as amazing. This is my go to shop, they have the best selection knowledge, prices and containers around! I love there squeeze to open film can containers and printed detailed labels that they use for amounts under 2grams

spencezula via Leafly April 11, 2015

KOOL Dispensary!

Stopped by & checked out La-Cannaisseur. Nice folks, good meds, personable service & good value conscious staff.

Tried Mt. Hood Magic & it’s some kind flowers, hands down, Sah-Weet!! ;>)

bigkidpaul via Weedmaps October 1, 2014

Definitely coming back

I could not ignore the great atmosphere of the prime location near two great Bars. I am new to OMMP and had no idea what I was looking for I just had so many questions. The owner invited me in and explained everything I needed to know. They are so helpful and personable they treat the customer like an extended part of their own family. I am defiantly coming back I have made La Cannaisseur my home shop I won’t go any where else.

Creativemind1983 via Weedmaps September 3, 2014

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