Planning The Best Route To The Oregon Coast For The 2017 Total Eclipse

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Monday, August 21, 2017

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Traffic warnings have been issued for the Portland area. Hotels, campsites, and VRBOs are booked solid. Rental Cars have all been claimed and paid for. The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse will usher more tourists into the Portland area than any event in recent history. If you’re one of the droves of hopeful astronomy enthusiasts that will be joining us for this epic event, it’s important to have your all your trip details in order today.

Plan for heavy traffic — make sure you have snacks and water before heading into Portland’s AM rush hour traffic, you should leave very early and be prepared to spend quite a bit of time in your car so make sure it’s comfortable.

Don’t stop until you reach your destination — State officials report that stopped cars on the highway mid eclipse is a major worry. Plan your route and hit the road early to make sure you reach your destination in time for the big event.

Look for routes that avoid the major highways —coastal towns have limited access via highway. Consider other towns in the path of the eclipse and use your trusty mapping service to navigate you through more rural areas.

Make sure you’re equipped to spend the day at your destination city. Smart travelers have already visited La Cannaisseur for our outrageous eclipse specials, for those who’ve yet to cross us off your to-do list, our eclipse week deals will run until 8-27 and include:

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