Our Favorite Strains For Outdoor Adventures

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

La Cannaisseur_Our Favorite Strains For Outdoor Adventures

Without the thick emerald forests and glittering sapphire rivers that encompass it, Portland is just another city. What makes this area incredible are the awesome vistas, the multitude of waterfalls and glacial streams, and the everyday opportunity for epic outdoor adventure. Portlanders, and Pacific Northwesterners on the whole, are privy to the best in hiking, kayaking, climbing, surfing, and swimming. We are also privy to the best weed. What better way to celebrate the bounty of the PNW than by hitting one of these delicious strains and conquering the wild frontier?

Charlotte’s Web — This sativa strain is cultivated for adventure. This flower provides an energizing body high that will allow you to let loose and really enjoy your hike/kayak/beach trip.

Green Crack — While the name implies a frenetic high, this strain is remarkably more mellow than the name suggests. This bud provides a perfect body high for outdoor galivanting, and despite the name, you will not be fiending for another puff 20 seconds after your first.

White Snow — As we approach fall, this aptly named hybrid provides a phenomenal high, equal parts floaty body buzz and spacey head trip, great for appreciating every single changing leaf on your autumn hikes.

These strains and more are all available at La Cannaisseur, Portland’s premier recreational dispensary and delivery service. Visit our website to see our menu, as well as our daily, weekly, and monthly specials.

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