Our Favorite Pre-Rolls This Week

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Friday, December 1, 2017

La Cannaisseur_Our Favorite Pre-Rolls This Week

We at La Cannaisseur take great pride in our ever-changing lineup of excellent local marijuana. Our rotating stock of cannabis leaves us with new favorite strains every week! Whether your tastes lean more toward the top shelf or down near the lower levels; from professional-level tokers to novice users, we have a little something for everyone. Enjoy these new favorite pre-rolls of ours this week:

Green Crack

A Pacific Northwest favorite, GC is a sativa dominant strain with pleasant fruit flavor and a buzz that inspires focus and mental energy. Enjoy this pre-roll on an afternoon adventure, or while working on a creative project.

Orange Crush

This sativa dominant hybrid is the tangy, fruity product of California Orange and Blueberry parents. Orange Crush carries a strong head high that’s perfect for a long bike ride, a stroll through the rose garden, or a hike through Forest Park.

Fire OG

This is commonly regarded as the strongest of the OG strains, so novice smokers should partake with caution. It’s piney, citrusy flavor is a delight, and it’s not-negligible CBD percentage makes it a favorite of experienced smokers everywhere.

Bubba Kush

For smokers looking for more tranquilizing effects, Bubba Kush is the indica-dominant strain for you. Finish off your day with this sweet, chocolatey smoke and let yourself sink into some serious relaxation time.

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