Our Favorite Pot Recipes For Fall

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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Cooking with weed is a wholesome autumn activity that many dedicated stoners are particularly well-versed in. Cooking with weed has reached a new level in popular culture. Once relegated to cookies and brownies, today we see five-star chefs creating luxury meals centered around different marijuana strains. The legalization of recreational marijuana consumption has brought these amazing foodie industries out of the shadows and into our vibrant Oregon economy.

No longer relegated to baked goods, marijuana is experiencing a renaissance as a fragrant, flavorful, nuanced cooking herb, a perfect addition to many savory dishes. Here are a few of our favorite weed recipes that spotlight the toothsome diversity of Oregon’s many signature strains.

Chicken Pot-ccitore — This clever play on the classic Italian rustic dish, chicken cacciatore, features cremini mushrooms (which you could easily swap out for a local, fresh picked variety), black and green olives.

Marijuana Kale Chips — Food for health, taken to the next level, these simple kale chips rely on a healthy pour of marijuana oil which you can make yourself or purchase from your local dispensary.

Curry with Ritty Roti — Formulated by master chef Cedella Marley (yes, of those Marleys), this recipe for traditional Jamaican curry and the light flaky roti flatbread is a perfect recipe to stave off that Oregon fall chill.

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