Is Weed Delivery A Modern Solution For Medicated Parents?

Posted by wadmin on Wednesday, December 27, 2017


For many Portland parents, cannabis is the leisure aide of choice. While it may be taboo to discuss in pleasant company, more and more parents are turning their backs on booze as an after-work relaxer, and instead lighting up a little legal weed. These cutting-edge caretakers understand that marijuana can better help them compartmentalize the anxieties of the day in order to enjoy time with their children. In a state as excited about recreational cannabis as Oregon, that can lead to vast new frontiers for weed consumption. But when you’re a busy parent, the last thing you have time for is a visit to a dispensary (where no children are allowed anyway). Finding an extra moment for weed shopping is hardly ever in the cards for the occupied parent, which is why cannabis delivery can be such a game changer. Just as you would order a pizza, you can easily order cannabis for discreet, professional home delivery.

La Cannaisseur is Portland’s favorite recreational cannabis dispensary and delivery service. Shop our vast selection of flower, concentrates, extracts, edibles and more form the comfort of your own home and get quick delivery. Our considerate delivery service ensures an easy, no-fuss weed delivery experience that, in terms of convenience, is no more difficult than ordering Chinese takeout for your family.

The Northwest’s most popular strains and more are in stock now at La Cannaisseur. La Cannaisseur is Portland’s most popular recreational cannabis dispensary/delivery service. Visit our menu for daily, weekly, and monthly specials.

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