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Posted by La Cannaisseur on Monday, April 24, 2017

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Marijuana as a legal business is still a new thing but it means that you can rely on the quality of cannabis you receive. 

La Cannaisseur is a small, family-run dispensary in Portland OR, offering you a unique and welcoming experience, as well as delivery to Portland residents. The moment you walk through our doors you will be greeted by a welcoming atmosphere and a knowledgeable staff.

Even more recent to cannabis legislation, were the new laws for the allowance for delivery! Now if you are a Portland OR resident, you can get your marijuana delivered to your door. 

There have been people delivering cannabis since long before medical marijuana was first legalized – however, it has slowly transitioned from being an extremely illegal activity, to a legal grey area in a number of states. Now, Portland City Council has created a new classification of business license they are calling a “marijuana courier” – basically a cannabis delivery service. This is the first time in the recreational market that this type of business has been established, ensuring that business owners and employees are operating within the law.

Businesses that want to deliver cannabis to adults – or patients – in Portland, Oregon will need to apply for a retail license from the state and then for a “courier” license within the city. They will not be allowed to have a physical storefront where customers can come and shop – however they will be able to produce their own cannabis and products and set up a headquarters, which can be located near existing dispensaries (even though dispensaries must remain a minimum of 1,000 feet apart).

“Since the state regulations keep changing and the industry keep flourishing, we’ll be coming back with multiple changes I’m sure,” Commissioner Amanda Fritz said. “I look forward to that time.”

The license classification created appears to be the first of its kind – businesses in California, like Speed Weed and Eaze, don’t have a specific license allowing them to make deliveries. In some states with medical marijuana programs, delivery is often authorized through legislature, specifically for patients who cannot physically get to a dispensary to obtain their medicine. But, this has not been a very common practice and has not really been brought up when considering the recreational markets growing in Oregon, Colorado and the now six other states.

At La Cannaissuer you can expect quality as well as variety in our buds and products. We care about providing a personal experience and feel that you can only really get from a local dispensary. That means you get better prices and better weed if you visit or request a recreational marijuana delivery.

Come Visit Us In Our Store Or Check Out What We Offer! Learn More About La Cannaisseur’s Marijuana Home Delivery!

SRC: Portland Approves Cannabis Delivery Services

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We care about providing the personal touch you can only get from a local cannabis dispensary. This means better prices and better weed for those who visit or request a recreational marijuana delivery in Portland, OR.


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