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Posted by La Cannaisseur on Friday, October 13, 2017

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Portland is itself a city famous for its eminent cannabis culture, so naturally, it has spurred more than its fair share of legendary marijuana activists, musicians, and artists. Before Oregon’s cannabis prohibition ended, there were several key figures in the fight for legalization. Those personalities paved the way for the Portland we know today, which is to say, considerably more stoned, with considerably more subversive and avant-gard celebs.

Rasheed Wallace—Former Portland Trailblazers star Wallace is known equally for his untouched record for a single-season of technical fouls (41 if you’re counting) and his 2002 charge of weed possession. Rasheed, however, changed the idea of what many folks thought a weed smoker looked and acted like. His grace and cunning on the basketball court made many fans reconsider what a pot smoker was capable of.

Tony Greenhand—If you’re a cannabis connoisseur with an Instagram account, you’ve likely seen Tony Greenhand’s outrageous and fantastical joints. His elaborate joints take the forms of cartoon characters, wild animals (we love the peacock!), and even fruits and veggies. His celebrity clientele is impressive, even if he prefers to operate relatively under the radar.

Portland drag superstar Carla Rossi has certainly been vocal about her love of cannabis, citing in many local interviews just how much it informs her creative process. Her activism often seeps into her dynamic live performances in funny, thought-provoking ways that simultaneously elevate drag, and honor its roots.

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