Do I Tip My Cannabis Delivery Driver?

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Friday, July 21, 2017

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No driver expects a tip. But it is certainly a nice gesture. How much should you tip your driver? That’s a big debate on the social discussion website Reddit.

While some say you should calculate 15-20%, like pizza, others feel that when you buy larger quantities that percentage adds up to quite a big tip. This makes sense you are never going to buy a $300 pizza, where you could spend that much on cannabis.

Maybe a better way to think of it is how a pizza delivery person approaches their philosophy and perspective regarding the tips they earn.

This is from a Reddit user with the name Bugs_bunny_in_drag:

20% of a $20 delivery is a $4 tip… as an ex pizza delivery driver (in an area where customers typically give shitty tips) I never counted percentages, only dollars+ per delivery that I didn’t have when I left the store. $4 is generous, a very nice tip. $2-3 is good. 5$ or more brightens my night.

$1 is pretty shit tbh but it is ALWAYS better than nothing, i’m always grateful anyhow. I got stiffed so frequently I don’t think any driver should bitch about a buck, since it probably covers your gas for that delivery.

So there you have it any amount is a thoughtful effort. But for the most part the drivers are not calculating percentages. So throw them an extra $5 bucks or more to show some appreciation. These small tips add up and mean a lot to the person that is delivering cannabis to your home.

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