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Posted by La Cannaisseur on Friday, August 11, 2017

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The Pacific Northwest’s green rush has delivered with it an entirely new landscape of weed consumption.  Conversations that once started with “let’s get some weed” and stopped with “okay!” have now evolved into a multi layered discussion about strains, oils, dabs, shatter, and a number of other nuances dedicated stoners will wistfully nod over.

A joint is no longer just a joint. A dime now comes in a variety of carnivalesque flavors, and edibles, vapes, extracts, and concentrates have turned a dark market into a booming industry. Regardless if you are a dedicated, lifetime toker or you’re relatively new to this whole “weed thing” the learning curve is real, and finding the best product for you takes trial and error and a good deal of experimentation.

First things first, weed varieties marked Indica are cultivated to impart a whole-body high – think of it as “Indica=in-da-couch.” Indica strains are best enjoyed after a long day when the need to unwind is tantamount only to your basic bodily functions.

Sativa strains provide heady highs but might not necessarily chill you out, and that’s certainly something to consider if your main goal is maximum relaxation. Sativas are great on day hikes, at BBQs, essentially anywhere where wakefulness is prioritized equally to being stoned.

Hybrid strains ideally take the best from each parent strain and produce a high that is equal parts head and body but can often lean one way or the other. Concentrates are just that – concentrated marijuana, and should be gently eased into so as not to ruin a good buzz with an excess of cannabinoids.

The best advice is to take it slow and have fun. Try a bit of this and a bit of that until you find the high that is perfect for you. We’ll help you find it, and also deliver it to your door!

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