Cannabis Quality: From Schwag to Top Shelf

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Have you ever been to a dispensary and wonder what “Top Shelf” is? You may see other terms like middle shelf, low grade or even shwag weed. These are all different classifications for the quality of the flower you are buying. So let’s break it down and start at the bottom.

Some people also refer to this as dirt weed. The low quality of this cannabis is due to the production. The cultivation and farming of this weed is usually contaminated with shortcuts during growing causing the bud to be contaminated with pesticides or heavy metals. You can expect this weed to be browner in color, harsher on the airways, and generally a lower buzz—unless you partake in higher quantities.

This is your biggest gamble. It may by all appearances look more attractive than Schwag, it still has features that are familiar to shwag; low quality buzz and seeds. Low-grade is not defined by the strain, it is defined by the cultivation process. While a notch above Shwag, low-grade still has issues do to pests and pesticides.

This is usually where a dispensary’s product line starts. Middle shelf is more for the novice smoker who hasn’t quit learned to identify the standards achieved by top shelf or premium strains.  You won’t find any seeds in middle shelf, but you will notice a lack of flavor and even a blandness.

Now we are talking! These are the quality buds you will notice instantly. Even the aroma signals that you are in for something potent and special. These are the product that look exactly like the magazine photos from national cannabis magazines. Top shelf is grown with the utmost care. They spent more money growing, so it makes sense that you spend more money buying it. The buds have been trimmed and cured. The potency can be 30% higher compared to the other categories of quality.

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