Cannabis Delivery; A New Spin On An Old Gig

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Monday, July 31, 2017

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The scene; State College dorm, 2002. A mixed group of students wait nervously for a delivery to arrive. Each of them, in turn, fidgets nervously, eyes darting to the dorm room’s door. The air in the room is thick with tense apprehension. Suddenly a knock on the door signals the arrival of their contraband. A greasy head followed a body showcasing perhaps a few too many mock gold chains over a gaudy velvetine track suit pops into the room, In just a few moments the students have thrust a wad of cash into Mr. Velvetine Tracksuit’s hands and Ol’ Tracksuit has likewise thrust a bag thick with green and brown shrubbery into the student’s eager hands.

The next half hour would be spent extracting bulging seeds and woods stems from a sack of weed that cost entirely too much considering that a quarter of its contents were completely unsmokable. And that was weed delivery a mere 15 years ago.

Today, in the post-marijuana prohibition state of Oregon, pot delivery looks and feels a lot more like pizza delivery; there’s no stress, you can expect a level of consistent quality and professionalism, and there is very little possibility your RA is going to confiscate your sack (because you’re 15 years older now and hopefully no longer an undergrad).

Enjoy weed delivery in a way your younger self never quite imagined; quick and easy, with no seeds and stems padding your ounces. Maybe even give your old RA a call and invite them over for a commiseration toke.

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