3 Cannabis Strains To De-Stress With

Posted by wadmin on Friday, December 29, 2017

After a long day, a harrowing week, or a savage month, making time to let go of the stress of your everyday life can be wildly difficult. While, historically, cannabis has been used as a tool for relaxation, today’s scientific advances in plant cultivation have resulted in strains that can do more than chill you […]

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Is Weed Delivery A Modern Solution For Medicated Parents?

Posted by wadmin on Wednesday, December 27, 2017

For many Portland parents, cannabis is the leisure aide of choice. While it may be taboo to discuss in pleasant company, more and more parents are turning their backs on booze as an after-work relaxer, and instead lighting up a little legal weed. These cutting-edge caretakers understand that marijuana can better help them compartmentalize the […]

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Your 2018 Guide To Oregon Cannabis Events

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Monday, December 25, 2017

In 2018, we predict that blossoming cannabis cultures will give way to some truly memorable events—particularly in the well-established, recreationally legal states of Washington, Colorado, and Oregon. But since the Beaver state is the state we call home, here are our three of our top event picks happening in Oregon in 2018. Rad Expo Portland, […]

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3 Strains To Keep You Motivated During Your Cardio Workout

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Friday, December 22, 2017

Staying motivated on cardio day can be a challenge, and with the new year right around the corner, cardio enthusiasts are sure to be congesting the local gyms, trails, and avenues creating potential for your own cardio workout to be affected by the resolutions of others. One way to avoid workout malaise caused by the […]

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Portland + Weed Delivery = A Perfect Match

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Portland’s straightforward infrastructure and moderate size make it a perfect town for delivery services. Because of its centralized downtown, its circumforaneous “quadrants” that make up the residential areas, and it’s broadly recognized landmarks (the Willamette River, pointed north and south, and Burnside Street headed due east for Mt Hood) it’s remarkably easy to navigate. Wherever […]

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Why You Should Choose Weed Delivery Over A Night Out Drinking

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Monday, December 18, 2017

In Portland, nightlife consists mostly of crowded bars, smoky patios, deafening dance nights, and raucous live music. Portland has a healthy nightlife scene, with tons to do almost every night of the week, but sometimes, the best scene is the one in your living room, where you don’t bump elbows with strangers or catch flecks […]

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Delivery For Date Night

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Friday, December 15, 2017

Candles are lit, the table is set, Netflix is cued — and you are almost ready for date night! Hats off to you, date night planners — and whether it’s your third date with the cutie from the coffee shop or a hard-earned night away from the kiddos, bringing weed to this party is a […]

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Great Moments in Pot History Part X

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

We have finally arrived at our tenth and final installment of Great Moments in Pot History. We covered biblical weed, monarchy weed, prohibition weed, beatnik and hippie weed. We delved into the science of weed and learned how it affects our brains. We got to know marijuana pioneers like Dr. Raphael Mechoulam and Allen Ginsburg […]

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3 Reasons Portland Weed Delivery Is Better Than A Dispensary Visit

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Monday, December 11, 2017

Let us paint a picture for you; it’s windy, it’s rainy, it’s cold, and you’re completely out of weed. Sure, you could bundle up and brave the frigid temps on foot to your nearest dispensary, or you could attempt to navigate Portland’s rain-slick roads in search of your special strains — or, you could keep […]

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Our Favorite Hybrids To Get Creative With

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Friday, December 8, 2017

Artistic tokers all know, finding the perfect strain that at once stimulates your creativity and energizes your body is phenomenal. Many strains may get your creativity engaged, but the body high leaves you couch bound. Conversely, you may find a strain that stimulates your body but leaves your head foggy and spacey. We understand the […]

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