3 Strains For The Stoner On A Budget

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Monday, September 11, 2017

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When times get tight and you need to not only stretch your dollar but also get stoned AF, there are a few strains of affordable and super smokable herb (get that ditch weed out of here!) that will do a bang-up job of keeping your mind off your money worries altogether.

Fruit Punch — This delicious indica is a heady, spacey high, perfect for some end-of-day lounging and binge-watching. This lush flower is available for a mere $14 an eighth — that’s at least a few days of affordable relaxation.

Lebanese Kush — This lush sativa offers a buzzy body high that will have you eager to engage in some free physical activities, like a long hike or a gentle swim. This crystally flower is available for only $17 an eighth and will keep you happily mellow until your next payday (when you can afford some top-shelf buds).

Purple Cherry Wine — This CBD-heavy, THC-light hybrid is a perfect option for the noncommittal weed smoker. The abundance of CBD offers all the best parts of being high — reduced anxiety, relaxed muscles, increased appetite, and a general sense of well-being — without the fuzzy, spacey feeling typically associated with being stoned.

Bonus — Pre-rolls can be great for a smoker on a budget. Depending on the strain and the size of the joint, you could find yourself with a full gram of top-shelf flower for less than $8-$10, or half-grams for less than $5.

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