3 Reasons You Might Want To Try Concentrates

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Monday, November 27, 2017

La Cannaisseur_3 Reasons You Might Want To Try Concentrates

Combusting dried cannabis is the consumption method of choice for most marijuana enthusiasts, but with concentrates growing in popularity, a lot of folks are wondering what they’re missing. Using concentrates differs from using dried cannabis in many ways. There are varied perks to smoking and vaping, but if you’re considering trying out concentrates, here are a few reasons to give them a shot.

You’re looking to inhale less and get more.

Concentrates are just that — concentrated, meaning more intense highs achieved with far less combustion and inhalation. Novice users of concentrates be warned, the results will be different and possibly more heavily intoxicating so start slow.

You require discretion.

Many modern vape pens are indistinguishable from tobacco vape pens and while we don’t endorse smoking in areas where tobacco is prohibited, a discreet pen vape is handy for smoking on the go. A disposable pen vape can be stored far easier than a fragrant joint or resin filled pipe and will last for at least a few cartridges.

You’re concerned about your cannabis budget.

Sure enough, using concentrates can be much more cost-effective than dried flower, especially for daily users. Additionally, the effect is much more potent, so users consume far fewer concentrates than they would dried flowers.

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