3 Items Every Dedicated Stoner Needs In Their Life

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Friday, November 10, 2017

La Cannaisseur_3 Items Every Dedicated Stoner Needs In Their Life

Whether you are a smoke weed everyday type, a dedicated patient, or a passive indulger, if you truly enjoy consuming cannabis, there are a few must-have items you shouldn’t be living without. If you love joints, water pipes, vaporizers, and glassware, these simple products can improve your smoking experience exponentially.

Cigarette Sneak A Hit

This is classic cannabis accessory for dedicated weed heads and weekend smokers alike. With the incognito cigarette shaped pipe you can stealthily toke a single hit of dried flower with the only give away being the sweet smell of ganja you just exhaled. Great for party goers more interested in cannabis than keg beer.

Rolling Cones

Okay, we have a soft spot in our hearts for zig-zags just like everyone else, but the plentiful cones dispensaries use to fashion their pre-rolls have changed the joint game. Why fuss over a perfect roll when you can just grind and fill?

Portable Silicone Bong

Never travel with fragile glassware again. With a portable silicone, you’ll get awesome hits, a lightweight travel piece and all the functionality of a full-sized bong.

These items and more are in stock now at La Cannaisseur. La Cannaisseur is Portland’s premiere recreational dispensary and delivery service. Visit our menu to see our daily, weekly, and monthly deals.

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