3 Cannabis Strains To De-Stress With

Posted by wadmin on Friday, December 29, 2017

La Cannaisseur_3 Cannabis Strains To De-Stress With

After a long day, a harrowing week, or a savage month, making time to let go of the stress of your everyday life can be wildly difficult. While, historically, cannabis has been used as a tool for relaxation, today’s scientific advances in plant cultivation have resulted in strains that can do more than chill you out; they can inspire, invigorate, and empower you. That said, if you’re looking for strains that are better suited for a Netflix marathon than a vigorous bike ride, look no further than these three super relaxing indica strains.


This fruity strain is perfect for a comfortable night in. It boasts maximum stress relief and considerable sleep benefits with little to no paranoia or anxiety. Its moderate THC level makes it a great strain for a novice to enjoy.


More than just a relaxing strain for casual smoking, Oracle can help relieve pain and anxiety and help with appetite stimulation. Enjoy this indica as a part of your essential self-care, especially if that self-care involves settling deep into a couch alongside a prolific mountain of snacks.

Purple Rhino

For those who prefer a hybrid strain, indica dominant hybrid Purple Rhino extolls the best of a heavily sedative indica and body soothing sativa. Another strain that boasts increased appetites, make sure to have your munchie game handled before indulging in this skunky smoke.

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