3 Cannabis Beauty Products We Love

Posted by La Cannaisseur on Monday, September 25, 2017

La Cannaisseur_Cannabis_3 Cannabis Beauty Products We Love

Neither weed nor cosmetics are gender specific, so, gentlemen, if you want to get down on some next level moisturizers don’t disregard this post.

Cannabis produces a virtuosic oil whose benefits are boundless and inarguable, so of course, when skin care and cosmetic products featuring the miracle herb hit the market, they were roundly well received. Today there is an even broader spectrum of cannabis enriched beauty products—some that even deliver on the modern implication of a cannabis product by giving you results you feel in more than just your skin.

Marley Natural Hemp Seed Body Wash and its companion lotion are ultra moisturizing, made with homegrown Jamaican cannabis and hemp, and cold-pressed to produce a remarkably pure oil. Also, the smells are truly delicious.

CBD For Life Foot Cream soothes tired, overworked foot muscles with CBD extracts and replenishes your dry ankles and heels’ moisture with coconut and peppermint oils.

Fresh Cannabis Santal/Rose are two woodsy and floral scents, respectively, but each has passionate notes of bergamot, chocolate, and cannabis. Rumor has it that Bruce Willis buys this by the case, and frankly, we understand why. This fragrance is sexy as hell, whether you’re a fan of cannabis flowers or not.

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